Any Hero Won’t Do

Three sizzling nights will have her yearning for a hero...

After ending another toxic relationship, contract specialist, Jayla Parker decides to do something she has never done before—live recklessly for seventy-two hours. She attends her class reunion determined to draw Air Force Master Sergeant Brant Scott’s attention. As a teenager, she secretly lusted after him while Brant barely gave her a second glance, yet in a matter of minutes, he’s determined to slip between her sheets. Jayla welcomes his heated touch and intense kisses, because once the reunion is over, she plans to walk away without a backwards glance. But as the clock ticks and desire escalates, Jayla wonders if she may have served up more than she can handle when Brant turns the table and demands her total surrender.

Back in high school, the track star was interested in his insecure math tutor only he had been too stupid to follow his own heart. Now Jayla is home and the attraction that has always simmered below the surface re-ignites. Jayla has changed, or so it seems, yet the decorated airman is determined to shed her façade so he can love the woman underneath. The problem is he only has three days to claim her… forever.