Gulf Coast Heat Series continues...

The last person office manager Simone Walker expects to slam into is Charlie McAllister. If seeing him again wasn't painful enough, her sexy ex-boyfriend announces he wants her back in his bed. She's been there, done that and has the heartbreak to prove it, but that doesn't mean she hasn't noticed Charlie's swagger or the sexual chemistry flaming between them. She agrees to a no-strings relationship, but he's now playing for keeps with a passion that gradually melts her defenses. Will she ever be able to put aside her fear that he'll break her heart again?

For a man used to getting what he wants, an occasional fling has always been enough for Charlie McAllister-until he crashes into Simone's car. It's been thirteen years since he'd last seen her, and yet after one night, the full-figured beauty has the land developer reevaluating everything. Charlie doesn't believe in love. He just wants her for sexual pleasure. So why can't he keep her out of his bed...and out of his heart?


As soon as Charlie pushed open the door he quickly looked left, then right, scanning the area until he spotted her walking fast across the lot.
“Simone, wait!” he shouted.
“Bye Chuck. I’m going to wait in the car!” she replied without looking back.
With wide strides, he closed the distance. Simone was cutting between two cars when Charlie snaked out an arm and yanked her gently against him.
Startled, she gasped and whispered, “Chuck, I—”
“Hush,” he ordered and kissed her.
The feel of her soft lips against his flipped Charlie’s world off its axle. He’d expected heat, desire, and the hunger that had been building since he’d recognized her in the parking lot. What he hadn’t expected was the possessive urge to claim and make her his. Permanently in his life, in his bed, squirming beneath him. The thought shocked him to the core. With a moan, Simone brought her hands up to rest on his shoulders.
“Open for me,” he coaxed and got no argument out of her. Simone parted her lips and he slipped his tongue inside. The sweet lemon flavor of her almost brought him to his knees. She tasted far better than his wildest dream. Charlie leaned back against a black pickup truck bringing her with him. She stood between his parted thighs and his penis hardened as he rocked against Simone’s round lush body. Damn, he knew the attraction to her was overwhelming but he had no idea it would be so intense. Women came to him. Sex was always there. Big asses and tits, capturing his attention came easy. Holding his attention was the problem. But the desire for Simone was unlike anything else he’d ever experienced.
And it drove him mad.